65th Anniversary of

Prof. Ramon Carbó-Dorca Symposium


Organized by the

Institute of Computational Chemistry


Faculty of Sciences – University of Girona

Aula Magna, Campus Montilivi, 17071 GIRONA

Friday, NOVEMBER 11th, 2005


Our friend Ramon Carbó-Dorca will turn 65 next fall. While Ramon is working hard in research and having a strong academic life, we have thought that he deserves recognition and that he must be honoured on this special birthday.

For this purpose, we have organized a one- afternoon event consisting in four talks of recognized scientists that have worked with Ramon in the fields of electron density, mathematical chemistry, molecular similarity, and QSAR analysis.

During the symposium we will hand Ramon a special issue of THEOCHEM dedicated to him. We have thought that you would be glad to join us and honour Ramon for his contribution to Science.

Thus, we invite you to participate in this meeting to celebrate the sixty-fifth birthday of Prof. Ramon Carbó-Dorca.