Time, love & all that…


This poem was composed on November 11th, 2005, during the academic act of homage on behalf of my 65th anniversary. It is intended to be dedicated to the absent ones: J. Almlřf, M. Giambiagi, O. Gropen, P.O. Löwdin, and V.H. Smith, but also to the present ones, who, coming from far away or nearby, have been there on that day, at this moment to accompany me.


Time, some say,

goes straight,

others may even

tell in closed

circles run…


Love, friendship,

hospitality,… are

perhaps, subtle

time aspects…


Here, I’m with

all of you, to show

time has passed…


I’m here to tell

that, hospitality,



Love for you all,

will be, within

my own time

left, on my mind.