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From 10 to 13 july 2006 the IQC organized the VII Girona Seminar. This time the topic deals with the Nature of the Chemical Bond. Attendance is estimated to be ca. 50 scientists.

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A past honoring:

The Institute of Computational Chemistry organized a one-day Symposium to honor Prof. Ramon Carbˇ-Dorca for his 65th aniversary.

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A suggestion:

The books and website by Clifford A. Pickover are amazing. They entertain, are fun, teach and make one think.


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I like to develop new methodology and new codes to better understand molecular structure and chemical reactivity. My main areas of application are (a) Basis set superposition error in weak molecular complexes, (b) One- and two-electron density analysis, and (c) Effects of electric fields and nonlinear optical properties of molecules. Other areas of research involve (d) Fullerenes, (e) Bioinorganic systems, and (f) Conceptual density functional tehory.

With Prof. Miquel SolÓ we co-lead the research group "Molecular Modeling and Quantum Chemical Methodology", which gathers ca. 20 researchers, one half of them graduate students.

Contact: e-mail: miquel.duran at
Phone: +34 972 418364

Miquel Duran, Professor of the Universitat de Girona